Our Approach

Our Purpose

To develop, own and operate renewable energy and mining projects that create shared economic, environmental and societal value for all stakeholders.

We believe that the two most important sectors to drive sustainable economic development within Sub Saharan Africa are mining and energy.  Furthermore, within this geography these two sectors are often co-dependent for successful development and operations.  New power projects require reliable and bankable off-takers to underpin their economic feasibility while mines require reliable and affordable power to successfully run their operations.  

The successful development of these two sectors together represents a major economic stimulus to developing countries, particularly those endowed with significant natural resources. 

Driven by the circular economy, there is an increasing recognition of a “landscape” approach to economic development where multiple enterprises gain mutual benefit from partnership within a value chain or, more accurately, a value web. As an investor, developer, owner and operator in both of these sectors the Blue International Group benefits from this economic development as well as being a positive actor in achieving it. 

Our Values

We value integrity, transparency, responsibility, determination and teamwork, and strive to embed these in every aspect of our business.

The Blue International Group is a long-term investor, owner and operator that re-invests in its local operations, workforce and community to achieve a sustainable profit measured over decades rather than years. We firmly believe that the only way to develop a sustainable long-term business is to respect all stakeholders and treat them fairly. Within the context of Sub Saharan Africa, this is particularly important given the close link between the host communities and local workforce.