Our Approach

The Blue International Group puts sustainable development and operating responsibly at the heart of its business practice. We are committed to making attractive financial returns, while having a positive impact on the planet. Our Sustainable Business Principles, underpinned by our governance and business integrity management system, guide our business and decision-making processes to assist us in investing with impact and developing long-term sustainable businesses. 

Our Sustainable Business Principles

Environmental - The environment in which we operate will be in a “net positive” improved state. 

Climate Change - By 2040 emissions from all our activities will be net zero for carbon. 

Social - People in our community are treated with respect and are better off because of our presence. 

Economic - We help to bring long lasting prosperity by creating sustainable products for the future global economy.

Value Chain - We bring trust and transparency to our entire value chain network. 

We are proud that our business contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To maximise our contribution, environmental and social governance is built into the fabric of our operating procedures across our Group of companies. This includes integrating sustainability into our strategy, risk management, targets and reporting.