The Blue International Group is an integrated mining, energy and infrastructure business operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Blue takes a sustainable approach to the development and ownership of its assets to generate shared value for all stakeholders over the long-term.
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Blue International Group is an integrated mining, energy and infrastructure business operating in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our unique business model is focused on the potential of a synchronised market in natural resources. We acquire and develop power, mining and infrastructure assets where significant additional long-term value can be unlocked by clustering them together to achieve scale, reduce operational risk, and create diversified and more robust revenue streams. 

Blue International Group’s assets include Bogoso-Prestea, a world-class operational gold mine located within the world-famous Ashanti Gold Belt in Ghana, and two grid-scale renewable power projects, with its flagship project, Bumbuna II, which is located in Sierra Leone and approaching construction and its second project, Kpep, which is located in Cameroon and at an earlier stage of development.

The Group’s operational business is supported by the executive team, with a particular focus on people, organisation, governance, reporting and sustainability.  

The Board, comprising executive and non-executive directors, guides the Executive Team and operations by offering strategic advice and oversight. Our Advisory Board offers expert advice and has been instrumental in creating relationships with local, regional and international governments and governmental agencies.


Latest News

Blue International Group aligns structure to support future growth

Blue International Group, an integrated mining, energy and infrastructure business focused on sub-Saharan Africa, is simplifying its structure, improving ways of working and sharing resources across the Group by bringing together the Joule Africa and Future Global Resources teams.

As Blue International continues to grow through the development of its existing assets and strategic acquisitions, the company is adapting to be as expert and effective as possible, explained Blue CEO, Andrew Cavaghan.

“As we prepare for the financial close of the Bumbuna II Project in Sierra Leone and continue the transformation of our Bogoso-Prestea gold mine in Ghana, we’re bringing our teams closer together so everyone can draw on Blue's significant in-house expertise in development, operations, governance, sustainability and stakeholder engagement and HR,” said Mr. Cavaghan.

The company identified economies of scale and that a larger and more diverse organization would offer greater opportunities for its employees. Delayering the organization will also further deepen understanding and enhance decision-making in relation to the company’s important assets.

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FGR Takes Steps to Secure the Future of the Bogoso Prestea Mine

Accra, Ghana 18 July 2021. Future Global Resources (FGR) has discovered material inaccuracies in information provided by Golden Star Resources (GSR), which FGR relied upon in deciding to acquire the Bogoso Prestea mine. The financial impact of those inaccuracies is significant. FGR will continue to investigate the inaccuracies.
FGR notified GSR of the inaccuracies last week and required GSR to indemnify it in respect of the resulting financial losses it has sustained, in accordance with the provisions of the Bogoso Prestea purchase agreement.

Separately, FGR has recently stepped in to settle an outstanding and ongoing employee dispute relating to severance payments owed to staff at Bogoso Prestea which resulted in repeated industrial actions. In the absence of GSR’s participation, FGR negotiated with the staff to reach an agreement on severance which resulted in a peaceful return to operations and the cessation of the ongoing legal action. FGR claims the cost of this settlement from GSR given that GSR has responsibility for this matter under the purchase agreement.

In light of the above, FGR was not contractually obliged to make the payments that would otherwise be due on July 16, 2021 and will not be making the payment otherwise due on July 31, 2021. FGR and its major shareholder, Blue International Holdings Limited, are, and have been, in full compliance with the purchase agreement and their contractual obligations.

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Blue International Group appoints new Chief Operating Officer

Blue International Group (“Blue”, the “Group” or the “Company”), an integrated mining, energy and infrastructure business focused on sub-Saharan Africa, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Clode as Group Chief Operating Officer (“COO”).

In this newly created role, Adam will support the Company’s evolution, moving away from a divisional structure to become more centralised and multi-functional, including optimising its processes and efficiency to ensure long-term shared value creation for all stakeholders. His immediate remit will include overseeing the continued turnaround of the Bogoso Prestea gold mine, located within the world-famous Ashanti Gold Belt in Ghana, and supporting the development team on development and acquisition of new projects. This includes the Bumbuna II Hydroelectric power project in Sierra Leone, which is targeted to commence construction in the first half of 2022.

Adam has an exceptional track record of developing resource projects from defined resource through to operations, across Africa, Asia, and Australia, within both the energy and mining sectors. This includes Deputy Project Manager for a platinum concentrator development in South Africa, Deputy Project Manager at RWE’s £850 million Pembroke Power Station in West Wales, Manager of Projects for African Minerals’ US$3 billion Tonkolili iron development in Sierra Leone, and General Manager of Projects for J Resources’ (Indonesia) gold portfolio. Adam has held Board positions as both Executive and Non-Executive Director. He graduated from the University of Western Australia with Honours and has a Master’s in Project Management.

Andrew Cavaghan, Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Blue commented: "We welcome Adam into this newly formed role and are pleased to add another high-quality individual to the executive committee. Adam’s experience is highly relevant as we build an integrated mining, energy and infrastructure business in sub-Saharan Africa that seeks to achieve long-term, safe and sustainable returns for all stakeholders.”

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