Blue Gold International – Gold Mining

Blue International Holdings formed Blue Gold International in 2020 as a platform to acquire high quality long-term mining assets in sub Saharan Africa.  In October 2020 it acquired the gold producing Bogoso Prestea Gold Mine in the Ashanti gold belt in Ghana. Blue Gold owns 90% of the project, with the Government of Ghana holding the remaining 10% interest. Bogoso Prestea has the largest mining concessions (of any mineral) in Ghana, with an 82 kilometre gold strike within the Ashanti gold belt (one of the most prolific gold regions globally).  The Bogoso Prestea concession has 3.3m oz of proven gold reserves and production is expected to reach 70,000 oz in 2022.  Operational and financial performance has improved significantly under Blue Gold ownership. Blue Gold will be seeking to acquire and develop further gold producing assets over the coming years, with a view to a successful stock market listing. 

For more information on Blue Gold please visit www.bluegld.com

Joule Africa – Hydropower Project Developer

Blue International Holdings acquired a 25% equity stake in Joule Africa in 2018.  Joule Africa has been successfully developing projects in Africa since 2012.  Its two main projects have a combined 425 MW capacity. 

The Bumbuna II hydropower project, located on the Upper Seli River in North East Sierra Leone, is the country's largest infrastructure project and is a key part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s long term Energy Plan. It is located next to the second largest iron ore deposit in Africa, which requires significant firm energy to be fully commercialised.  The project involves building an extension to the existing 50 MW Bumbuna I facility. When complete, Bumbuna II will add 143MW of new capacity and, critically, will provide Sierra Leone with reliable, all-year round, affordable electricity.

The Kpep hydropower project on the Katsina Ala River in the North West Region of the Cameroon is being co-developed by Joule Africa, with the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, and a Chinese partner, WIETC. The project has 283MW capacity and will be the project to be developed as part of a cascade of five sites on the Katsina Ala River.

For more information on Joule Africa please visit www.jouleafrica.com