Future Global Resources

Future Global Resources’ (FGR) mandate is to develop, own and operate long-life mineral resources, including those metals used in high growth industries essential to achieving a low carbon economy. 

It is the 90% owner and operator of the Bogoso Prestea (BPL) goldmine in Ghana, West Africa, and therefore owns the largest gold concession in Ghana within the premier Ashanti gold belt with 3.3m oz of proven reserves.  The company will produce over 50,000 oz Au in 2021 increasing to 100,000 oz in 2022 at an AISC that is being reduced to under $1,000 per oz. 

FGR is committed to protecting the environment and respecting the communities in which it operates, whilst ensuring responsible delivery of these critical metals to the market.

FGR’s value is by giving accountability to its leadership to implement the company’s strategic objectives, using systems that reward technical excellence, high performance and responsible actions.

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Joule Africa

Joule Africa develops, owns and operates grid-scale renewable power projects in Sub Saharan Africa, with its flagship project approaching construction in Sierra Leone, West Africa and its second project, in Cameroon, Central Africa, at an earlier stage of development. It has offices in London, Freetown, Yaounde and Port Louis.

Joule Africa has over $2bn of renewable power projects in development in sub-Saharan Africa, and a pipeline of further opportunities it is pursuing.  Joule Africa was formed out of the merger between Joule Investments Limited and Desert Lion Partners LLP, which was set up in 2009 to invest in infrastructure and other asset-based projects in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Bumbuna II HPP was its first investment.

Joule Africa is currently developing renewable energy assets in West and Central Africa. Its flagship project is the Bumbuna II project in Sierra Leone, a 143MW retained hydropower scheme that will, when completed, increase the supply of year-round power to Sierra Leone by four fold.  The project is due to commence construction by the end of 2021. 

Joule’s second project is the 280MW Kpep hydroelectric power project in Cameroon, where economic, technical and environmental and social feasibility studies have been completed and commercial negotiations are underway with the state and national distribution company. 

Joule works closely with all of its stakeholders to create infrastructure assets that will generate long-term value. The organisation is dedicated to working closely with host governments to help deliver projects that complement existing plans for social and economic development.

Through the development and operation of sustainable energy assets, Joule Africa is committed to significantly increasing access to energy for the nations that need it most because energy is a fundamental factor in any country’s ability to develop.

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